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Welcome to the home of the Sarasota Chapter of the National Association of the Women’s Interactive Networkwhere professional women network with a purpose. Please check back often, as we continue to develop resources, content and connections to fulfill our mission of building a community of women who encourage and support each other both professionally and personally.

Professional Development Day Attendee: As far as feedback, I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the interactiveness that the group had!  I loved hearing from other women as the presentations related to them.  I felt that it made for easy interactions during the breaks  because we could easily find something to communicate about!  I thought that all of the speakers had great content and a great message. Everything was very comfortable and you created an environment where everyone felt safe to share their own insights! You have a gift for bringing great women together!


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June Braithwaite
Business Benefits Planning Group

June Braithwaite,   Business Benefits Planning Group

America’s Choice-Your Ultimate Retirement Plan

Our firm provides unique and innovative strategies that allow our clients to have tax-free lifetime income, as well as income in the case of injury or illness. We also provide protection from stock market losses with our exclusive portfolio allocation monitoring and protection system.

The advice we provide to companies and business owners helps them recruit and retain top talent to build a successful team for their organization. For professionals, innovative strategies like ours provide them with the necessary tools to build personal wealth for their retirement.
We are supported by a team of specialists which include benefits and HR, advance planning attorneys, retirement plan financing, investment committee and chief investment officer, tax planning, compliance officer and administrative support. Business Benefits Planning Group operates under a fiduciary standard.
Member of SOFA: The Society for Financial Awareness, A Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation
June Marie Braithwaite, CCP
Executive Vice-President
Business Benefits Planning Group
1800 2nd St, Ste 725
Sarasota, FL  34236
P:  941.953.2086

The National Association of the Women’s Interactive Network (NA-WIN)


Mission Statement:To build a community of women who encourage and support each other both professionally and personally.

The Women’s Interactive Network (WIN) offers an opportunity to meet women whom are successful in all aspects of business, from the corporate ranks to entrepreneurs. Every meeting and event allows ample opportunity to hone networking skills while enjoying the company of business-minded women.

WIN recognizes the power and importance of mentoring as it relates to personal and professional growth. New incoming members may be matched to an existing member , upon request, who is eager to share their own professional experiences. The mentors and mentees make a commitment to meet at least once a month and connect weekly through email or by phone. The mentoring committee has created a formal program that provides both the mentors and mentees with the resources they need to develop a positive and engaging mentoring relationship that promotes both personal and professional development.

WIN encourages professional development through its programming. Each monthly meeting, or webinar includes speakers who will teach you new leadership, marketing, financial planning and interpersonal skills. Participating on any of WIN’s committees also provides a great opportunity to learn new skills while forming closer relationships with other members. Learn new, marketable skills within the event planning, finance, marketing, membership, mentoring, programming, and nominating committees.

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